Your Personality and Fashion Style in Your 20s

Your attitude and personality as you grow in your 20s is going to be important in helping you choose the appropriate clothing and accessories for your particular style and personality. You will discover that the more choices you have to choose from, the more liberated you will feel and the more prepared you will be to make creative and unique contributions to the career and lifestyle you are leading.

A typical teenage girl will be concerned with the latest fashion trends, probably want a hip party outfit, cool sneakers or a vintage style dress that she can wear only once or not at all. When you decide you want to be a teen-ager you will want to be as far away from your personality as possible in how you dress. Become the little girl or young woman that you most want to be.

How do you choose your clothing and accessories for your teenage years? When you are a teenager your real self and who you present to others is the authentic you. This means that your teenagers or younger sister does not have to know who you are, so networking and being a persona non graciously is important.

On the other hand, your teenage years are an experimental time in your life. You are going through big changes and it is important to be able to recognize and embrace these changes without harming your well-being.

It is a mistake to think of your teenage years as being neutral. Sure, you are going through some changes, but your experiences will be colored by your emotions. Many teens fall into a self-orbiting trap of thinking, “All people do this, so I am just ‘following’ my peers.” You are actually being very independent of your peer group, but you have to take steps to ensure that this does not happen or enter into a negative pattern.

Here are 5 tips to help you identify and choose the clothing and accessories for your teenage style.

As you go through your teenage years keep these tips in mind:

1. Experimentation is a part of growing up. While you want to experiment and have fun with your fashion, you are not going to make major changes in your personality or lifestyle. However, by changing your wardrobe frequently, you give people a subtle message of change. When you change the stained shirt from white to an old colored one, you are essentially giving a example of changing your style much like a shift from black to white shoes.

2. Do not confuse “fashionable” with ” trendy”. Remember, the runway is a visual display of what designers have created, and as such, their fashion trends are probably not your cup of tea. Keep your style fresh by looking for clothing that looks good on you but also sends the message of your own personality.

3. Do not worry constantly about the colors. Remember, the hues you wear are perfect silhouettes for the styles you choose. Color can be an important tool to send a visual message, but be careful not to get color overdo.

4. A trend is a trend. Just because some clothing designers are currently reflecting a particular fashion trend, does not mean others will necessarily be following suit. For instance, pastels are currently in fashion, but in five years, when the trend is over, do not be sure if everyone else will still be Black Straps and neon.

5. When you have a certain style of clothing “in [your] closet,” do not necessarily need to wear it. One of the fashion “musts” is not to wear the same clothes daily, or in the same color. Being creative about what you wear and mixing and matching helps you create and develop your own distinct image.

When you have made the decision to have fun with your wardrobe and be casual about it, rather than cling to your favored method of dressing up, be more willing to try new styles and have a grand imagination. Remember, Audrey Hepburn was not afraid to experiment.