If You’re Looking For Swimwear There’s No Way You’re Wearing the Wrong Size!

If you’re planning on visiting the beach or just working off the Gidget factor, swimwear is of utmost importance. Going somewhere where you don’t know how to dress for your body type or where you’re not that confident in how you look can be very scary. No one should have to deal with this but those we call, we’re in a little bit of a hurry!

To avoid this, we take a look at 5 of the most common swimsuit blunders and how you can avoid them.

The Thong

The thong is something that you either love or hate. With a variety of bottoms like the dokin bottom, midriff, or shorty pant styles, they still manage to get in the way and ruin a great sexy photo opportunity. It’s no where near sexy enough for a great tan but if you do get one that’s not too skimpy you can be miles ahead of the competition.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The skirted bikini is by far one of the most popular styles. In the U.S they top the charts every summer and hold through the bad weather of winter. They come in so many styles from traditional to bold, haltered to everything in between.

Themens bow tankiniis another top choice. It incorporates the traditional bikini bottom with an attached cover up bow. The cover up bow is an adorable touch that will be sure to turn heads.

A tankini top is also perfect for the cover up. It’s still super sexy but is less revealing with a V-neck and longer top. It’s not overly revealing and can be worn underneath cover ups, sweaters, jackets, etc.

When It Comes To Specialists

Your local discount store is not going to have something to match a top designer brand. Finding the perfect swimsuit can be an exact same process as shopping at the hottest, most expensive high-end department store.

This means that you’re going to have to go a little further to find the perfect swimsuit. Merely running around your local discount store isn’t going to give you the best deal. You’re going to want to head to a specialty discount store.

If you can find a discount designer store that specializes is one step in the right path. Without the big-name store, your options will be limited to what that store has in stock.

Another great idea is to head to a seamstress or something that isn’t as mainstream as the discount stores. They’ll give you a good idea of what to expect in ‘picked’ fashions and include sizes as well.

How To Look Your Best

So, you have drop-dead gorgeouscunt prehistorichorses hiding in your closet. What’s the best way to get the best wear out of them? A little bit of both!

If you’re comfortable with your anatomy you can wear a bikini bottom or a bathing suit bikini top. Both will show off your best assets and have you looking baby-slim in no time!

If your breasts are on the small side, go for a bikini top that offers extra support in the bust and a built-in bra. You don’t have to bare your breast at all; just let the function of the bra do the talking. If you’re comfortable about your breasts, you can also opt for spaghetti straps.

However, if you’re not comfortable about exposing your breasts, then a strapless design would best suit you. Another option would be to buy a one-piece swimsuit.

A one-piece suit would look spectacular on most body types. If you’re particularly tall or big, a one-piece suit that comes with skirted sides can also be very flattering. You can adjust the length of the skirt to the top of your hips.

Alternatively, you can buy fabric that is thick and avoids the tubular look. This is a great option if you’re a plus-size woman because it makes you appear slimmer.

Finally, there is the traditional bikini, but this can be such a huge let down. Why? Because it looks nothing like it’s supposed to. This type of suit only covers about half of your body; the other half is left to your disappointment.

How To Find Your Perfect Swimsuit

battered bikini, anything oversized is considered reference very non-fake. This means that it will hit the middle of your backside, it will be uncomfortable to sit in, and if you’re fortunate enough, it will sit down on you. Before you buy a particular suit, pink, blue, black and white are the best choices in color.

No matter what it looks like, the most important thing is how comfortable it feels. This is not only for the briefs, but the skirted bits are equally important.