How To Fix A Galvanized Pipe?

Modern homeowners will not have to deal galvanized pipework problems. Galvanized pipes were used for almost all home plumbing purposes in the past. Older homes might have galvanized plumbing. Galvanized pipes can react with minerals in water supplies and cause problems such as reduced water pressure, clogged drains, and decreased water quality. Let’s examine why this happens and how we can fix it. 

Why do Galvanized Pipes Fail? The internal corrosion of the pipes occurs when water passes through galvanized pipes. This can occur over a long time and may be noticeable in older properties. Water quality will be affected by corrosion as it will pass through the water. Cracks and water leaks can cause water pressure to drop. In extreme cases, corrosion can cause blockages and clogs which will stop water flow. 

Are Galvanized Pipes Fixable? The short answer to this question is yes. Sometimes, only a small section of the pipework may be affected. This can be repaired or replaced. The following steps should be followed if this is the case. 1. Do not turn on the water. You must turn off the water supply to your home first by using the water shutoff valve. This will prevent you from having water rush to the area you are trying to repair or replace. It should be easy for you to locate the valve. This is crucial in dealing with many plumbing emergencies. 2. Take a look at the pipes. Before any repairs can be attempted, it is important to inspect the section of galvanized pipes that needs attention. You should also inspect the condition of any nearby pipes for signs or leaks. If you find the situation is not satisfactory, it might be worth calling your local plumber to get an estimate for replacing your pipes. 3. Conducting a repair/replacement Cut the galvanized section that is damaged with a reciprocalsaw. Next, attach a PVC or PEX female fitting to each section of remaining pipe. Measure a section of PVC/PEX plumbing pipe, and then fit it into the new fittings. To prevent leakage, apply a waterproof sealer to the fittings. If galvanized pipes can be unscrewed at the closest connection, a brass adapter or dialectic union can be used to repair them. This is the most popular repair. 

Summary: It is possible to identify and repair small sections of galvanized pipework that has been damaged in your home. This type of repair can be done by anyone who is a weekend DIYer. If you are extremely fortunate, the damage may only be in a small area of your home that is easy to fix. This is unlikely and there might be other areas that need attention. Galvanized pipes with longer lengths will be more difficult to repair and may require multiple repairs.

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