Hottest Footwear for Your Workplace

When going to your workplace, it is very important to ensure that you look perfectly presentable whilst at the same time paying attention to detail. It is often said that you should not go out for an interview if you are dressed up in clothes that are torn, dirty, smelly or otherwise not suitable for an office environment. At times like this, wearing a pair of shoes that are appropriate for a workplace is important, otherwise you may end up getting passed over for a better job.

Here are some of the most popular work shoe styles today:


Pumps are heels that have a small heel that is comfortable for each pair of toes to grip. These shoes are a fall then high heels and are therefore comfortable for long hours at work. One of the most popular styles of pumps for women is the stiletto, as they are stylish yet serve the purpose of dressing up an outfit enough to make a good impression on interviewers. Women’s pumps are widely available in different colors and materials, although suede is the most commonly worn type.


Boots are the fall’s most popular this season, especially in winter countries. Another popular winter shoe is the bootie, which is an open front with a zipper affixed to the closure. Many women a look like they have just came off the catwalk as a new fashion trend. Boots are versatile and come in almost every material there is: from snickers to leather; boots are even sold in recycled pencil boxes from the 1970s. Plus, they are both warm and stylish in Moroccans and in tweed.

hespy clogs

hespy clogs are a slip on pair of shoes that slide on the foot instead of a closed shoe. They come in a variety of styles, such as a sling back, open toe, or peep toe bootie. The materials used are often canvas, cotton, or suede, although some pairs are made from leather. Sapphire is a type of synthetic leather special designed for the women who want to stand out with good reason. Sapphire is much more expensive that normal leather, but are nonetheless well worth the cost for the high style and fashion statement this shoe will make.


Denim is a famous fabric and has been for many decades. Denim is created with a very high regarded quality, and this shows with the selection of denim shoes available. They are made generally in machines to ensure the fabric will last a long time. You will not have to worry about the quality, just like the 100% cotton types. Some of the denim shoes will be easier to care for, just like their cotton counterparts.


Leather is a type of leather and is the most popular fabric to be used in shoes. This is because it is more durable and stiff, to withstand hard weathers. Also, leather is more resistant to dirt and can be kept with proper cleaning. Leather is not the most breathable of the fabric, but this does not mean they are not comfortable. Leather shoes are constructed in many styles and will compliment any outfit. They can be worn both in the office and outdoors, for a variety of purposes. You will be able to find your perfect to pair with your outfit.

Comfy coworkers will make the best customers, and by making your customers comfortable, you can gain their business in the long run. When making your decision to purchase your shoes, try not to get endangered, so pick the best material based on your climate compartment. Stick with the shoe styles you are comfortable in. Many shoe styles can be comfortable in either a closed or an open toe style; you just have to figure out which one you want to wear. By wearing your comfortable shoes, you can remain mobile.