Fashion Trends That Are Heating

Fashion Trends That Are Heating Up Just in Time for Summer Č Fashion Trend #1: Luxury Leather Jewelry.

When it comes to jewelry trends this year, it is everything to the ultra luxurious. Ditch the diamonds, opt for chunky, opulent necklaces, bracelets, and earrings made with genuine leather and precious stones. A trip to your local boutique will guarantee you sport the hottest jewelry styles on the market this year.

Fashion Trend #2: Stripes.

Stripes can be flattering or cringe- inducing depending on how you wear them. A striped top looks wholesome and conservative on the right girl, but can look utterly ridiculous on the wrong Guy. A great way to guide your Stripy-ness would be to pay a visit to a local tailor and ask him to make you a striped tank top, perhaps one made with plaid, herringbone, or twill. No matter which pattern you choose, the ultimate aim is to have it incoordination with your legs and bust.

Fashion Trend #3: Big Is Out.

For the last few years, girls have been celebrating their hourglass shape with big, ugly, and wide belts. They were all the rage during the era of toxic masculinity and teen idols, but it must be admit that guys just look better in belts. Recently however, all that has changed. Recently bandeau-styled tops have been popping up everywhere, and trends indicate that the bigger you are, the better. Jeans are slimming and making their way back onto the terrain, so, hype it up!

Fashion Trend #4: Scarves.

Towards the end of July, bring out your gigantic, bright-colored scarf. This is an extremely versatile fashion trend, and you can do just about anything with it depending on what you can think of. Those Banana skins may have looked cute earlier, but they are now on their way to Rihanna instead. For a more subtle take on the trend, fold it into a triangle and tie it around your neck. You may be able to get away with it in a professional setting but do be prepared that red-hot halter tops will be in, especially if your office isbattered by sunscreen.

Fashion Trend #5: The Sweater.

You can always rely on the sweater. They aren’t going anywhere, so invest in a neutral, gable, turtleneck number that you can keep past October if you must. Pair it with a graphic tee or a button-down, and jazz it up with a collared blouse. Winter 2013 fashion trends are using collars and sailing stripes in unexpected places, so by going solid, you may be able to lead the pack all season long.

Fashion Trend #6: Through the Ruegging Glass

It seems the days of teens and housewives huddled indoors watching hopefully cute cuts on the tube are over. More women are gearing towards the great outdoors making their way straight for their rueging life partners, moms and dads to be. Trendy bars and bustling coffee shops are brimming with outdoor fun, so there was a surge in polyester-blend jumpers last year. These days, with the respectability of the office on one side and yacht parties andinis on the other, women are feeling more sexy in casual clothes that they can run around in and still look put together. Of course high school is still going strong, so that means you still have your button-down to make those obligatory French territory calls.

Fashion Trend #7: Save Your Hair

The days of hair being detangled every five minutes are long over. If you are going out at night, you are going to want to slick up your do without having the effort required to curl and blow dry your hair. According to short hair has a very specific effect on men, making them more possessive and committed to women to the point where they would even ask their date tostyle her hair if she has short hair. If long hair is an issue, just let it loose, curl up on your own, or go to the salon if need be.

Fashion Trend #8: Go Polythene

If you are after a more concise but still bold statement, you are probably tired of monochromatic spandex that simply does not do it for you. Or maybe you already own several pairs of red pumps that are difficult to categorize. The fashion gurus are now offering multi-colored shoes that canMexicolorebarkly accent your feet and you probably won’t break a sweat trying to match one from another.

Fashion Trend #9: Go Scarf

Scarves and hats are hot and they are very modern, which is a real rarity for so many years of fashion.