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It is usually very difficult to balance traditional fashion forms with modern life and social mores and norms. However, there are so many designers who describe this balancing act as imperative and even as the main ingredient for their success. This is exactly my point of view when I consider the fashion innovation in pashmina shawls. Although I am not a big fan of altering shawls within the traditional patterns, I should like to introduce some people to pashmina scarves and expect that some of them could try to find their own balance.

Now, in some part, I also have this opinion. Although many people have found their own way of life with shawls, there is also a particular class of people around the globe who are very much interested in pashmina. Somewhere in the course of past twenty years, elderly people who like to preserve their clothes are found to be frequently buying pashmina. As the season of birth of pashmina scarves is coming up, this might be a good time for some of them to start to explore and try to find their own style of presenting these two types of fashion product maybe they will find their own way of combining them.

As a student, in my first year analysis examination, my seniors always remind me theolis that theoph freezing point is very important when it comes to precious cashmere wool. Therefore, in certain circumstances, we should be careful buy certain type of wool is very expensive is China, India, England, Japan, UK, US and Germany. One shawl collection in my dad’s wardrobe could be considered as a good choice maybe. Of course, we could not wear the same one each day and we also do not want to wear two sets of clothes. However, mixing different sets of clothes is also a good choice.

Let me quote some examples of appropriate mixing. We can have a white shirt in black color with a wool shawl in light color. Or maybe a lot of black color tone with a wool shawl in dark color. Also, almost any color pairings can be acceptable depending on event. If we are in a party, maybe a green shawl could match our green clothing. And if we attend a sports event, maybe a blue shawl could work perfectly.

So, it is very important to have a balance in your clothing and the matching shawl. Let me quote from an experience of someone else. She said that sometimes she would combine the shawls of different colors and create a different and more special fragrance. (eping) One time, (she was asked by the interviewer what she was wearing) she put on a shawl in a heavy black color, with a beautiful flower brooch and the interviewer said that she seemed to look thinner. It is very important to match these two items because the effect is clearest to us if they put some contrast. The same point applies when you purchase your shawl. It is very important to make sure its color relates to your clothing.

Are you the type of person who wants to look a certain way? If you are fairly flexible in this regard, pashmina shawls could provide the subtle style you desire. It is true that you cannot create an extreme contrast in the two colors and that is also one of the main reasons why these products could provide true effects. If you put on a silk pashmina, there is a possibility you will look thinner but also look more elegant, different, sophisticated. It might be a conflict with the original goal of the product, which is to alter your original look. If you do not look elegant in a shawl, all the efforts you have made to look attractive will be in vain. You will not be able to maximize your own original charming. If you combine a shawl with a silk shirt, a black trousers and a black silk hat, I do not think that you will look like anyone else at all.

On the whole, pashmina shawls could be the best match for you. It provides a very modest, elegant, chic look when combined with right clothes. Compared with that, cashmere shawls almost seem pretentious and too “eros”, they are not suitable to go with commonplace outfits. (Now, there must be some people who are already used to such a “Cassandraignment”, may they be mine)

Only in a rare case, (but it is possible) you may find a cotton fabric shawl, where matching one fabric with another (different qualities of course) is not impossible. But this case is not mine, just collaterally, in that case you can also say that the effect of the matching is not important in the first place.