Best Ways To Clear Broken Glass Out Of Garbage Disposal – Guide

The heart of any kitchen is the kitchen sink. A lot of people have a dishwasher and use it regularly. However, if they wash glasses by hand or fill the sink with water at the faucet, there are risks. How can you clean up glass items that have been dropped in the sink? Glassware can break into small pieces, making it fragile. Many people aren’t sure how to proceed. We will be demonstrating five steps to remove broken glass from your garbage disposal. 

Glass in the Garbage Disposal 

Many people think that garbage disposal units can grind up any material, even glass. This is false. A garbage disposal can’t handle both hard and soft materials, such as larger pieces of glass. While the glass will not cause damage to the blades, it can cause damage to other parts of the garbage disposal. You should immediately begin the five steps if you drop glass in your garbage disposal. The entire process should take about an hour. If you don’t have one, a pair needle nosed scissors and a shop vacuum are essential.

Disable Garbage Disposal

To prevent further damage, the first step is to shut off the garbage disposal. The switch is located near the garbage disposal and must be turned off. Before you start working on the garbage disposal, make sure to turn off the circuit breaker. It is now safer to clean the glass because the garbage disposal has been turned off and the unit is not powered.

Protect Your Hands

Do not attempt to grab wet pieces or sharp glass from the garbage disposal. It’s easy for your hands to slip and can lead to a serious injury. It is best to avoid touching the glass with a tool. The ideal solution is a pair needle nose pliers. Most of the glass will be found near the top of your unit. They should be easy to reach with the needle nose pliers. Concentrate your attention on the larger pieces of glass and then dispose of them safely.

Use an industrial vacuum

You will likely have smaller pieces of glass left over that you can’t pick up with needle nose pliers. Use an industrial vacuum or shop vacuum to get rid of any small pieces. You should resist the temptation of reaching in to grab that tiny piece of glass. Even if your gloves are thick, you can still be cut. You don’t need to worry about removing small pieces of glass. They won’t cause damage to your garbage disposal blades. You may actually be able to sharpen your blades by removing very small pieces of glass.

Moving the Blades

Sometimes, the glass can get stuck under the garbage disposal blades. Turn off the garbage disposal unit and power supply to allow us to rotate the blades. Put on gloves and reach for the blades. If the pieces of glass are small, you can remove them using the pliers.

Check the Garbage Disposal

Now that the glass is removed, it’s time for you to check if everything works as it should. Turn the circuit breaker on again after you have cleaned your hands. Flip the power switch, then run the garbage disposal to verify that it is working properly. You may need to push the reset button located at the bottom of the garbage disposal if it doesn’t start. You may hear the glass grind, which could indicate that you have lost some glass pieces. In this case, repeat these steps. Run some water to flush out any glass fragments that aren’t being thrown away by the garbage disposal if it runs smoothly. 

Here are some cleaning tips that will help you. 

There are two ways to deal with small pieces of glass that you can’t pick up. You can cut a potato in half, then press the cut surface onto the glass-covered surface. This will remove the glass from the surface. To ensure that it doesn’t get eaten accidentally, throw the potato in the trash. A sheet of kitchen paper can also be used to lift small pieces of glass. This works in the same way as the potato trick. To avoid irritation and cuts, you should wear gloves if you use either one of these methods. To clean your garbage disposal, place baking soda in the drain. After that, pour some hot water into it. After running the unit for a few moments, it should smell clean and fresh again. 

Calling a professional plumber 

These five steps will remove the glass from your garbage disposal. But what if you aren’t confident with dealing with plumbing issues? A local plumber can assist with many plumbing-related tasks. This isn’t just about fixing a leaky faucet or clearing out the trash disposal. An annual plumbing check-up is a good idea for every home to make sure that all plumbing systems are working properly. A well-maintained plumbing system is less likely to fail in times of greatest need and it’s more efficient. 

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