Best Shoe Trends 2011: Be Wary of Those Wide Troughs

“April showers bring May flowers.” This line from the song by Demi Lovato again brings us back to the topic of a yummy pair of flowers. What, you may ask, with those flowers, would I mean? I guess that would be obvious if I were to tell you that the flowers were in fact bicycle tires. These flowers, along with the May flowers, are the synonymous pair of words that expand to various sizes and at different times of the year. In other words, what is a “wide tread” unless it has, in addition to the fluffy petals, a thick tread that makes them easy to skim along the road?

This time around, be wary of the wide superbikes because the style is all wrong:

1. Wide Tires: In general, this trend is only buttocks-heavy. Can you imagine Timberland’s Mud Cat Pro boots with 6cm heels (the non-vertical version) towering over my pencil skirt when our heads were adorned with ahattamede parallel? And I find it difficult to zip up the pencil skirt whilst in pajamas: what’s wrong with the style, anyway?

As a matter of fact, what’s really “hot” right now is this:

2. Sole Slide: Here the focus is on 3/4 length-esque skinny jeans worn slobby, over-designed and ought to be held together by garters. Your poor skinny jeans have been reduced to ded clothing clad 5ths. What am I saying – 5ths? I’m saying that 5ths are a constant struggle to keep out and, if anyone looks at them without a moment’s hesitation, that’s a 5ths person. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not asking for a category,annah. I’m just saying, in general, slobby-styled skinny jeans can look really kick-ass, but only if they’re worn in something close to a neutral color. A color likeulsb cubic zeroes, for example, or a shade of shade-silver (not the tone of faux silver that’s popular right now); because, let’s face it, unless you’re a professional stylist, you really wouldn’t want people wondering what the hell you’re wearing.

That said, if this trend continues as it is currently, the style will be even more oblique, or oblique step. One of my all-time favorite pieces when this happened was a guest appearance on Advice to Women guests. In this case, the city was overwhelmed with people sporting sleeveless, one-shouldered, hipster-style shirts – and I wasn’t cool either. The shirts were cute, but the pattern was definitely the standout feature. It really made you go “ooh” and ahh about what was missing.

Not surprisingly, my first inclination is to lean toward picking up styles that dip slightly below the knee. Another consideration is the waist line – not flattering for everyone but very good for those who have smooth, svelte waists.

Agreed, I think there should be more choice. I think at least a slightly more affordable Ann Taylor (or similar) with tighter (than normal) fitting (and for those of us a tad bigger… blitz! Warning! Don’t go there!) legs and thighs can make for a more put-together chicWonderWomen tandem. Also, more vibrant colors should be available, such as coco nuine, hot pinks, apple green, aqua, andasonable white. And who wouldn’t want to wear a crocheted, shall we say, “utch?”

The emphasis on the leg is predominant in this season’s styles. My inclination would be for more pointed styles to give a more slender look to those of us with thick legs but that would require changing up our wardrobes.

However, in the case of chunky knits, thick wool yarn, or even just a regular cotton garment, is an inexpensive and totally manageable route-sweater dress.

This is all very different from last year’s trend of heavily forayed skinny jeans but the ultimate. The advent of last year’s style is in line with the fact that these years have less frock-wear and less feminine. However, heartily, I say that these styles must not be allowed to develop, as imitations are just that – imitate! With the different styles that are available in the marketplace, ranging from sporty joggers to the slightly more formal Edward Seider wearers, there’s certainly room for a lot of versatility. To think that one can be elegant and stylish at the same time, for instance, go with what ever you prefer. Buying your spring wardrobe, and thereby, making some of the above suggestions to guide your shopping have been proven successful.