3 Best Ways To Replace Garbage Disposal Splash Guard – Guide

If the garbage disposal is kept clean and used sparingly, the rubber gasket that surrounds the drain can last a long time. However, if the gasket cracks or becomes brittle it must be replaced. If you follow these simple steps, a new gasket will cost less than $10 and can be replaced in under fifteen minutes.

Get the Tools and Prepare

To replace the splash guard, you will only need a bucket and a screwdriver. You will need a flat or a Phillips head screwdriver depending on what type of screws are used to connect the drain pipe and dishwasher line to the garbage disposal. Clear out the under sink cabinet while you are determining which screwhead you will need. Next, disconnect the disposal power source. This could be a cord that plugs into a under sink outlet. If your disposal is hardwired directly to the mains, you will need to flip the appropriate switch and verify that it is not receiving power. It’s much easier to have someone help you attach the garbage disposal after you are done.

Disconnect Garbage Disposal

Before you start, place the empty bucket underneath the lines connecting to your disposal. The plastic or metal drain pipe connecting the disposal to the sewer line should be disconnected. There will be two to three screws. If you have a second connection to the dishwasher, remove it as well. You should collect any water in the lines and put it in a bucket. However, you need to be ready for a splashdown when you remove them. The locking ring that connects the disposal to its mount needs to be removed. Slide the screwdriver in one of the fittings around the ring edge, and then use leverage to turn the locking rings counterclockwise. It will be a bit of work, but once the ring is loose enough you can turn the disposal by hand with one hand, and the disposal with the other. After the ring has dropped enough, you can place the disposal on the cabinet’s floor.

Replacing Old Splash Guard

The splash guard is attached to the disposal top as a tight plastic lid. It’s easy for you to remove the old one. Next, wipe down the disposal top and place the new one. You can now connect the disposal. This can be difficult, but you should have someone to help. As you tighten the locking rings with your screwdriver, hold the disposal in place. You can do this by yourself, or you can use a sturdy object to hold the disposal in place. After the disposal has been reattached you can connect the lines to the power and reconnect it. You can then give the disposal switch another flip to ensure that everything is working properly.

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